Softball season preview


The 2011 softball season has begun, and major changes have occurred in coaching staff.

Head coach Mark Balderston will be returning to his position, and last year’s JV coach, Anthony Kinney, will be assuming the position of assistant varsity coach. Social studies teacher Tara Maske will take Kinney’s position as coach of the junior varsity coach.

“ wasn’t my decision, but I want to be head coach someday, so I’m working my way up to that,” assistant varsity coach Anthony Kinney said.

Kinney looks forward to taking on his new responsibilities, but doesn’t expect much of a change from last year.

“There will be more work for me, but coaching shouldn’t be much different from last year besides more tasks delegated out to me than to the new JV coach,” Kinney said.
“ winning games, most definitely, as well as coaching at the varsity level. It’ll be a good experience for me.”

As one of the two seniors on the team this year, Logan Roberts has assumed a leadership position on the team.

“ is a big responsibility, and the best thing about it is when you get to encourage the girls,” Roberts said.

Ashlee Crane