Week in Photos (Jan. 15 – 21)

This week in photos covers KUGR, Black Student Union, Spirit Club, wood shop class, theater crew and the recent dance team invitational.


Evan Johnson

Juniors Tad Lambert and Lily Reiff watch swim footage Jan. 19 in Room 153. Lambert and Reiff were editing their swim recap for Cougar Roundup. “[KUGR] is such a great environment for creativity but also to form amazing friends,” Lambert said. “KUGR has become like a home for me and I feel like I’ve gotten super close with so many other members.”

Tying a knot, senior Kissa Mwaisella fixes the back of senior Fanta Fofana’s knitted shirt Jan. 19 in Room 130. Mwaisella attended a Black Student Union (BSU) meeting where the students planned their upcoming assembly and hung out with each other. “I feel like is a nice space where black students at SMNW can come together and connect with one another,” Mwaisella said. “I think I got closer through BSU.” (Kara Simpson)
Posing, junior Savannah Kessinger and Natalia Ramirez make a TikTok for Spirit Club Jan. 19 outside of Room 101. Ramirez filmed Kessinger writing on a paper to promote turning in the Spirit Club Executive Board sign-ups. “We made a TikTok to help promote the school as a whole on a platform that we know most of our students are on every single day,” Kessinger said. (Claire Reed)

About to draw a line, sophomore Landen Horn measures a piece of cardboard Jan. 18 in Room C. This was done to create a cardboard cutout of an object to calculate its center of mass. “I was measuring the dimensions to cut out the cardboard,” Horn said. “After that, I calculated the center of mass on both of the axes.” (Cooper Evans)
Preparing for the spring musical, junior Ellison Bonge paints signs Jan. 16 in the auditorium backstage room. The signs will be used outdoors to promote the upcoming musical “Once Upon A Mattress”. “I think the outdoor signs will help out a lot,” Bonge said. “Not only are they promoting to our school’s community, but to the Shawnee community as well.” (Anna Torres)
Leaping, senior Piper Denning performs her solo “Golden Hour” Jan. 20 at Lee’s Summit North. Denning chose to use the song “Golden Hour” by JVKE for her solo. “The mood of my solo is idyllic. It’s supposed to be a breath of fresh air or a realization of, ‘I just go out of a rough place and now I have found my light, my golden hour,” Denning said. “When I perform, all I can think about is the bright future to come after high school.” (Sydney Jackson)