We Heard You

Seniors share what they wish they had known while juniors share their concerns for next year

Sophie Delaney

“Do things for yourself. Do what YOU want to do, not what anyone else wants you to, or what you think is the coolest / most socially appealing thing to do. This is the time in your life where you can start making decisions for yourself and really shape your life how you want it to be.” – senior Sam Baldwin

“Don’t tell people where you are applying to college (or) where you have been accepted. Just tell them where you are going. Trust me you don’t want their opinions.” – senior Kenna Heller

“I (wish I) would’ve made more of an effort to be more outgoing throughout the year. It’s hit me that I won’t be seeing most of the people here anymore after we graduate. I’ve made some great friends, but I’ve also missed opportunities to make new friends and relationships.” – senior Allison Tran

“I am worried about falling behind and not taking the right classes to set me up for college. I also hope that my credits are good enough to transfer over to college” – junior Catherine Ancell

“Whatever happens, happens. It’s only one more year of high school, I just need to push through and finish up strong.” – junior Will Ensley

“I’m nervous about growing up. Soon I’ll go to college, away from my parents and everything I know and grew up with. (I’m) nervous that I won’t be ready.” – Ellison Bonge