We Heard You: Tardy Kiosks

Students give their opinion on the tardy kiosks

Zadie Tenpenny

“I don’t like the line because it takes longer to wait in the line than it does to walk to class, and the bell rings early so you are on time but still have to wait.” – sophomore Delaney Claycamp

“There have been so many times I’ve walked in seconds before the 7:40 bell rings, and they make me go through the kiosk. I would understand if you were over five minutes late, but the tardy kiosk just makes people even more late to class.” – senior Elinor Engel

“I feel like it defeats the purpose of wanting to be to class on time because you end up in line for ten minutes. You’re coming into class even later.” – freshman Bella Alvarado

“I think the tardy kiosk is a great idea for chronically tardy people. It’s much harder to slip by without the tardy being counted.” – senior Max Van Daalen