Week in Photos (Jan. 22 – 28)

This week in photos covers Environmental Education class, a bowling team practice, Yearbook class and the Project Blue Eagle program.


Sydney Jackson

During Environmental Education class, juniors Lauren Deel and Hannah Mott break up soil mix Jan. 24 in the Greenhouse. Before planting seeds, students mixed the soil to make sure there was the right amount of moisture and no clumps. “The work we did was important because eventually we’ll sell these plants during the greenhouse sale and we need these to be in perfect condition,” Deel said.

Senior Drew Dahl poses for a senior bowlers group photo Jan. 27 at Park Lanes. Dahl feels like this has been his best year for bowling yet. “ a lot more progress than previous years,” Dahl said. “I’m seeing the previous seniors go and give their last bits of tips and information, and this is my final year of trying to help out the younger guys.” (Cooper Evans)
Lightening up the mood, senior Sydney Jackson messes with senior Brody Carlson with a stuffed animal Jan. 21 in Room 151. The name “Scrappy” was given to the stuffed dog due to the stuffing coming out of its nose and the lumpiness of the dog. “I would say that Scrappy is a nice mascot for Brody and I because even though we may look and feel exhausted sometimes, we still have fun,” Jackson said. (Anna Torres)
Dressed in full gear, senior Dominic Garcia listens to instruction from Project Blue Eagle fire teacher Peter Bailes Jan. 20 at the Career and Technical Center. Students in the Blue Eagle program are exposed to real life situations, using tools and techniques that are applicable in the field. “ figured this could be a good way to progressively grow to help my community in the future,” Garcia said. “ is feeling like I’m in a real scenario of firefighting and having the pressure put on me to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.” (Sidra Sakati)