We Heard You: Free Lunch

Better bring your lunch money: students react as free lunches end

Veronica Meiss

“I did like it more when it was free so I could get more food. School shouldn’t be a place to worry about basic needs such as food.”

 – sophomore Henry Fields

“I always bring a lunch from home, however some people probably depended on that free lunch just so they could eat.” 

– freshman Sadie Babler

“Some people can’t afford lunch every day, and since they force us to be here by law, the least they could do is not starve us.” 

– freshman Wyatt Neis

“From my perspective, the concept of free lunch for those who need it will always seem like a good idea.”

– sophomore Abby Livingston

“The district should bring back free lunch because for people who are on the fringes of being on a free meal plan are put in the tough position of having to come up with enough money to pay for lunch. While it might not be devastating to their finances, it still puts stress on the family.” 

senior Evan Mitchell

“Providing for five to six people and a pet can be costly for my dad to manage and the lunches are quite expensive. It ends up being $15 a week, and that’s not even including breakfast. I just think it’s pretty ridiculous, especially since the options are pretty much the same as last year. I definitely wish it was free.” 

– junior Anistyn Kempf

“I have money to pay for my own lunch, but my little sister doesn’t. It might not be a lot for one lunch, but it adds up. I can see it being a problem with a lot of people though, especially when we got so used to having easy access to lunch. I know the district has funding for it and it’s something we should expect, considering we are a public school.” 

– junior Ava Griffin

“It also sucks that you have to add money by cash. Most students use debit cards nowadays, so even if they have money they can spend, they can’t use it. It would benefit many students . There wouldn’t be any stress associated with wondering if there’s any money on one’s account.” 

senior Lilly Harris