We Heard You: TikTok Ban

Students share their opinions on TikTok ban

NW Passage Staff

Personally, I understand the intentions behind wanting to ban TikTok. Even if no teenager will admit it, it’s not hard to see that it is detrimental to our mental health. Society might view this proposal as an unnecessary threat to their platform or entertainment source. – sophomore Addison Baker

It’s not like I want people knowing my information, but it’s not like the government isn’t spying on me for it. If politicians are super concerned about it, then they just shouldn’t have {the app}. – junior Adra Cress

I haven’t done much research about it, but it is funny to watch the hearings and the arguments that some of the council are making. Overall, I’m mostly neutral and I don’t think it’s bad or good. Just entertaining. – junior Meredith Bonge

I only ever downloaded TikTok once, and it was to watch a woman who fought her frogs against each other because territorial and would cannibalize each other. That was truly the only reason that I had TikTok so once she was banned from the platform I deleted the app. If it gets banned, I really don’t care cause it won’t affect any part of my daily life. – freshman Dane Orlich

TikTok can either be an uplifting or a discouraging app. I think the content is what keeps people wanting more and more. TikTok tries to give you content that they know you’ll enjoy. I just think that one needs to realize that it’s just a never ending hole if one doesn’t gain control of how much of their time is being spent on an app. – senior Ashley Solis-Jimenez