Best fit

Finding the perfect dress for prom is important, so here are a few tips to help you choose.

Everyone has a different body type, I’m sure that’s nothing new. But did you know that certain articles of clothing are better suited for certain body types? Everything from jeans, shirts and shoes can make a difference in how you look, not based on how “in style” they are but on whether or not they fit your type — even color makes a difference. With prom coming up, it might be important to begin looking for dresses that fit the body type you have. To help, The Northwest Passage has taken the liberty to provide you with useful information so that you can successfully pick out the best possible dress and feel good in what you are wearing.

Fashion careers students junior Katrina Nelson, junior Heather Clark and senior Maria Hernandez help by highlighting the do’s and don’ts of prom dresses.

“Because it sits right under the bust, this would be a good dress for someone who wants to hide their stomach.”
“The color emphasizes everything on the body”
“Yeah, you want to be careful what skin color you have with this dress, because you will see more flaws with this color.”
$190 dillards
“Most dresses with patterns are good because there’s so much going on that it takes away from the flaws. You’re looking everywhere, so you’re not noticing one thing too much.”
“Because it is such a deep V, it might not be good for girls with large chests.”
$320 dillards
“The torso looks shorter, so if you’re tall and want to appear shorter this would be good.”
“Yeah, it’s all one color, but it has a breaking line.”
$99 dillards
“This is another one of those colors you have to be careful about. It’s for darker skin, because if you’re too pale you blend into the dress.”
“I don’t know if it’s good for someone who has a large chest, because it just goes straight down and there’s no emphasis on the bottom.”
“You also have to be really careful with shiny fabric, because it shows everything, especially in pictures.”
$160 dillards
“This one would be good if you were short and wanted to appear taller, because it’s a solid color and all one long line.”
“This one has a definite breaking line.”
“Yeah, it would make you look shorter.”
“It emphasizes the hips too, so if you have big hips, don’t wear it.”
$298 dillards
“That would be a good one for skin color.”
“And where it’s drawing in the waist is good.”
“And the sequins would draw attention to the chest.”
$240 dillards
“It’s all one color, so you have to be careful because it could easily wash you out.”
$90 jcpenny’s
“That is a definite contrast.”
“The ruching on the top will draw attention to the chest. So if you have small chest and want it to look bigger this would be good.”
“Yeah, and it would make you look taller because the neck points straight down.”
$90 jcpenny’s
“This color would look good with darker skin. not for pale people.”
“Yeah, and this would make your chest look really big because of the emphasis.”