Cougar Crazie Day: Crazie Costumes

For Cougar Crazie day, two sophomores went all out with their costumes for the spirit day. Isaac Coleman has been dressing as “Cougar Man,” complete with a cape and bandanas, since the beginning of his freshman year, for a total of five Cougar Crazie spirit days.

“All of my friends have seen before,” Coleman said, “but a lot of the people in my classes that haven’t have really liked it.”

Cougar Man’s partner in crime, Bailey Wendel, covered all of her hair in bright orange hair spray and glitter and tied it up into pigtails with black ribbon.

“The best comment I’ve gotten all day on my outfit,” Wendel said, “was ‘please don’t get any glitter on me.’”

Students have been referring to her as the “Spirit Day Pixie.”  “Cougar Man” Coleman has also been called “The Dork Knight,” but he said he doesn’t mind; he thinks the names are funny.

“They’ve run out of names to call me by this year anyway,” Coleman said.