Week in Photos (Jan. 8 – Jan. 14)

This week in photos covers the Varsity Boy’s basketball game against SM East, the Future Cougar Classics’ performance and a bowling team practice.


Cooper Evans

High-fiving each other, seniors Melaina Hesterlee and Piper Denning celebrate Hesterlee’s strike during a bowling practice Jan. 9 at Park Lanes. Bowlers often congratulate each other when they get strikes or spares. “Whenever we get a strike that’s very good, and we congratulate each other,” Denning said. “When you high-five someone they will high-five you back, and you just feel good about yourself.”

NW students react during a Varsity Boys basketball game Jan. 13 in the Main Gym. In this game, the Cougars beat the SM East Lancers 57-55. “I feel like the energy this year is a lot better than in years past,” senior Jake Congrove said. “I feel like there’s a lot more people at the games so it’s a lot more fun.” (Sydney Jackson)


During a halftime performance, kindergartener Juliet Eichman poses for the crowd Jan. 10 in the Main Gym. Eichman was a part of the dance clinic run by the Cougar Classics where they learned a dance to perform at the basketball game. “My favorite part was performing in front of everyone,” Eichman said. “It was also fun to practice with the dance team.” (Ashley Broils)