7 Prom Preparation Tips for Girls

7 Prom Preparation Tips for Girls

Getting ready for any dance, specifically prom, can be quite intimidating. Girls have to think about hair, makeup, nails, shoes, dress alterations and jewelry. However, this should be more entertaining  than it is stressful. It can be fun to get all dolled up for a dance, but the business of making appointments and getting prepared  on time is often enough to make girls  freak out. Here are seven tips to help your preparation for any dance successful and stress-free. #1: Make Appointments in Advance

There are many parts to your dance preparation that require making appointments. Tanning salons, hair salons, nail salons, alteration shops, and makeup studios are just some,  and  often require that you make an appointment several weeks in advance to be provided their service. It will not work to show up the day of prom and expect to walk out ready to hit the dancefloor.

To make it easier for stylist(s), be prepared for your appointment by bringing a picture of your dress.Also have an idea of what your overall appearance will be.

If your dress needs alterations, set this up as soon as possible.  Seamstresses will be busy during the spring season because of events like weddings, banquets and school dances. This is why it is important to give them up to two weeks to make any necessary changes to the dress. Plus, you may need cushion time in case the alterations made are wrong. 

#2: Accessorize Accordingly

Find jewelry, shoes and clutches ahead of time. This way you are not scrambling to decide how to make your outfit complete right before the dance.

#3: Tickets 

It is invaluable to buy tickets in advance. Not only is it often cheaper, but it can be required to have a ticket before approaching the door to the dance. Prom tickets are being sold throughout this week, and students can buy tickets at the door. When buying for a couple, the tickets cost $40, and are $28 each.

#4: Outside Dates

Paper work can be found in the office to register outside dates and requires quite a bit of information, plus signatures. Get the paperwork done early to make sure that you and your outside guest can dance the night away  without hassle.

#5: Plans 

Make sure you have a planned location for pictures, dinner, where you will go after the dance and the transportation to and from these events. Whether you go stag or with a date, you should know what the schedule is. The roads can get crazy on Saturday nights during dance season, so it is wise to know exactly where you are headed and who with . 

#6: Flowers 

Boys need to buy their date a corsage and girls typically buy their dates boutonnieres. Be sure to order these way ahead of time as flower shops can be crazy busy this time of year. 

#7: Loosen Up 

This all seems like so much, but any dance can be fun as long as some of this stress is removed prior to the dance. Just let go, dance and have fun. As long as you have done the preparation, the dance can be a breeze.