January 1 – Endnote

January 9, 2023

Thank you for reading my word vomit over the past few weeks. I hope that this has helped calm your own anxieties about the future, even though our paths may not be similar. 

My biggest takeaway from this is probably to let yourself dream, hope and absorb the world around you. This blog has been a way for me to think through things that have been more than a thorn in my side. Give yourself that same resource. Journal, rant in voice memos, type on a google doc, just don’t let your thoughts get away from you, don’t let them be silenced. As I’m sure you’ve learned, one of my favorite things about people is the stories they have to share. Give yourself the same courtesy you give others. Let yourself tell your own story.

I wish I could bestow more wisdom, something earth-shattering or transcendent perhaps, but, alas, I am only 17. I will soon be 18, then 19, then 20. I will continue to grow and learn and experience. Thanks to this space, I feel a little less worried about my future. Growing up is just another part, of the many, many parts of life, we will experience.

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