Lesson 5 – December 27: People Come and Go

January 5, 2023

Throughout my 17 years, I can confidently say that the opportunity of growing close to new people is one of the greatest gifts. Each person has their own unique experience and lessons they can teach you. During my time at Northwest, I have met some very interesting individuals. Some have brought me new music, new perspectives, and/or just been there to lean on when times got tough. All have changed me for the better. All have helped me grow. 

I fear going to college mostly because I don’t want to lose those connections. Upon thinking about it over and over, I have come to this conclusion: people come and go, and that’s a part of life. However, nothing is forcing me away from these people. We can always continue to talk over text or call, we live in the virtual age after all. Our friendship doesn’t immediately die as soon as we graduate. 

If you feel the same, I believe the best thing to do is to not worry too much about it. Whatever happens, happens. You will still have all the good memories with those people, and nothing is stopping you from reaching out.

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