Keep Practicing

Collier Rule had played with professional musicians live on stage

Elaina Hammes

Collier Rule got his first guitar as a christmas present when he was seven years old. That was only the beginning. Ever since he was ten, he has been playing locally here in Kansas and nationally in Tennessee. 

Rule’s love for music flourished when he became inspired by the heavy metal band AC/DC’s song Thunderstruck 

“I really like playing music,” Rule said. “Because i have a wide variety of things to do . improvising and being able to do a lot of different things, playing wise, because there all kinds of different bands and songs to try out.”

Rule is no stranger to making mistakes, he has even made mistakes during live performances. He mostly plays with other people in bands, but he also has played by himself. He gets invited to play all sorts of different venues, including the midland, bars, and venues in Nashville.

“Its really fun to be able to play music with other people who are professional musicians,” Rule said. “I just try and listen in to the band I’m playing with so I can have cues and know when certain parts come in.

Rule has had many opportunities to play guitar in a lot of different places. Through hard work and practice, he is able to work through his nerves and make minimal mistakes. 

“Just keep practicing, it’s important to try and balance stuff, but its also really good to try and challenge yourself. I am working on a really hard but it’s getting better. You just have to keep practicing.”