Ode to the Poetry Slam


April 7 and 8
Northwest put on a show;
93 students competed
to be the poetry pro.

Some rapped about family
others about lost love
still others like Jake Keegan
spoke about things their parents wouldn’t be proud of.

Megan Musson and Griffin Epperson
were the hosts with the most.
They kept the beat a-flowing
and the slam from being grandiose.

Poems were to be short,
three minutes or below,
they were rated by judges
on energy and flow.

Many were personal,
About what’s inside and out,
Which made us stop and ponder
what life is all about.

With humor galore —
Tanner Burton and Katie Taylor
wrote about goats and Facebook
making laughter a no brainer.

In the final round
controversy did arise.
Two poems ended in a tie,
Schroeder was the surprise.

The district team was decided —
Devonshire, Haley and Taylor
Schroeder, Zacharias, Hoffman,
each to represent our school as a NW poetry painter.

The winner of the SLAM,
our very own Harry Schroeder,
will compete in the district SLAMpionship
on May 1, and no later.

Congrats to all who rhymed and slammed
it was two days of poetic beauty.
Special thanks to Lindsay Kincaid
who went above and beyond her duty.

Kirk Bado, Hayley Battenberg, Daniel Magwire