The Third Z

I didn’t think I needed another sister until Zoelle was born

Zadie Tenpenny

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Talent On The Mic
December 13, 2022

Addison Griswold

Freshman Zadie Tenpenny colors with her little sister, Zoelle, Nov. 21 in Room 151.

We thought our family was complete. Just me, my sister, Zaiya, and my parents. My sister and I were enough for my parents to handle without a baby. When I was 10-years-old, we found out my mom was four months pregnant.

I remember feeling so many different emotions while I sat on the couch looking at an ultrasound. The strongest one was worry, because I thought a baby meant I wouldn’t get attention anymore. I learned along the way that while Zoelle would need lots of attention, I would still get some myself.

I realized how much work went into taking care of a baby soon after she was born. We divided the chores in a fair way, my parents took over most of the hard work but Zaiya and I helped where we could. I became a master at changing diapers, but still dreaded doing it when it was my turn. My favorite chore was making her bottles. I liked mixing up the formula with the water. None of us got much sleep due to Zoelle screaming in the dead of night. I can’t say I miss going to school tired.

It’s been four years since that day, and we’re best friends. We call each other “banunu,” which means friend in fish language. I saw it in an episode of Teen Titans GO! Before she was born and just rolled with it. We spend a lot of time together. Whether it be coloring pictures, which I hang on my wall, or learning how to blow bubbles we have so much fun. She’s the sweetest and funniest kid you’ll ever meet. She has a lot of sass for a four-year-old, and she brightens my mood every day.

Zoelle has helped me learn how to handle problems responsibly. I know how to stay calm in tough situations, and how to come up with creative solutions. Because of her, I’m a much calmer and mature person.