Talent On The Mic

Open Mic Club has been a huge hit on Thursday late start


Evan Johnson

Sophomore Javier Cruz plays the drums during the Thursday Morning Open Mic jazz performance Nov. 17 in the mall. The jazz band performed Work Song by Cannonball Adderly and Sonnymoon for Two by Sonny Rollins. “Jazz is my favorite genre and I have the most experience playing it,” Cruz said. “There are a lot of rules to it, but the better you get at it, you can start to break the rules and that’s when the fun really starts.”

Zadie Tenpenny

Senior Micheal Houser’s eyes were closed, and senior Dylan Reed was moving to the rhythm of the jazzy tune they played. It was the first day of the Open Mic Club, and the crowd loved it.

Open Mic Club was originally going to be called Club 240, and would be hosted in the Little Theatre after school. However after talking with Britt Haney, Lisa Gruman, Brett Eichman and more, they secured a spot in front of the office on Thursday mornings. Once they found the talent to perform, Open Mic Club was officially born.

“It’s been in the works since last year,” Reed said. “I thought there was a lot of talent that went around that should be shared.”

They weren’t expecting much on the first Thursday morning they performed, so when a crowd formed they couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised.

“Dylan and I were improvising,” Houser said. “Then a big crowd formed and surrounded me. I wasn’t prepared for it.”

Open Mic Club was created to be a creative outlet for all artists.

“I got an invitation from my friends Micheal and Dylan,” sophomore Javier Cruz said. “They talked to me about it, because they needed a drummer so .”

Freshman Amber Quint stepped up to play bass guitar to accompany the drums and woodwinds after being asked by Houser.

“I was having the time of my life,” Quint said. “ some of my favorite songs.”

Both Houser and Reed are seniors, and are hoping a passionate performer will continue hosting on Thursday after they leave.

“Micheal and I are going to graduate next year,” Reed said. “Hopefully every Thursday morning someone will be doing something so Open Mic Club can continue.”

If you’re interested in sharing your talent, you can find a Google Form on their Instagram, @smnw_omc, to sign up.