The Foreigner


The cast of The Foreigner performed for the first time on Thursday night. For senior Dylan Klein, who played Charlie Baker, opening night went better than expected.

“I think went really well,” Klein said. “It felt like we were back in the rehearsal process and it felt fresh again.”

Laughter could be heard throughout the play by the audience and by the actors as well.

“The audience laughed at a lot of different places,” Lysle Hartnett said who played as Catherine Simms. We found things more funny on stage than in rehearsal.”

On stage with Hartnett are two of her closest friends.

“There’s a part where I have a big long monologue and I just talk to Charlie, Hartnett said.“Dylan is one of my good friends and Olivia, who plays as Betty, is one of my best friends so it’s awesome to be on stage with your best friends.”