StuCo to hold Talent Show Nov. 19


Senior Ben Johnson played the guitar and sang his original song “Fever Dream” in last year’s sixth annual Talent Show. Photo by Nisha Bisht.

After the Student Council stopped holding the Blood Drive due to the new U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, the seventh annual Talent Show was rescheduled to earlier on in the year Nov. 19.

“Now we can support the Canned Food Drive with bringing in cans to the show,” Springer said.

Of the ‘overwhelming amount of talent’ that auditioned for this annual Talent Show, just 25 acts made it through.

“I hope enjoys the variety,” sponsor Sarah Dent said. “There’re a lot of people who you wouldn’t think could do what they do. I hope they’re astonished at the talent we have here at Northwest.”

Sophomores Katie Springer and Hope Medis are organizing this year’s show.

“No one was running this year and I love music and everything about it,” Springer said. “It’s very interesting learning what to do.”

A panel of seven judges scored students’ auditions to try and narrow down the Talent Show participants.

“It’s kind of tricky because we had to cut quite a few people,” Springer said. “It was really sad because I knew those people. That was the hardest part probably.”

Seniors Clara Davison, Nieko Giesbrecht, Christina Hayford and Haley Sloan are just some of the students performing in the show.

“There’re a lot of seniors trying to make it to their last Talent Show,” Springer said. “That was good to see and most of them got through.”

The show has traditionally only been a show and not a contest like in many other schools. StuCo holds this event to celebrate Northwest’s talent.

“Just give it your all,” Springer said. “Think of it as something fun to do instead of a competition. I feel really passionate about that; just put in all your effort. It’s just a show to show different talents because everybody is special in their own way.”