Academic decathlon team brings home gold

Academic decathlon team brings home gold

This past weekend, senior Peter Campain, and many other Academic Decathlon competitors, received high honors in their competition, held at Bonnor Springs High School.

Campain placed first overall in the varsity division, receiving the most medals in his division. He placed third in music, math, interview and economics and second in speech.

“We are in striking distance of beating South this year, which is good because they win every other year,” Campain said.

While he competes in many of the categories, Campain said he enjoys the interview competition the most.

“Interview is the best though, because I’m really good at interviews,” Campain said. “It’s a lot of fun, it allows me to think on my feet and it’s not a multiple choice test.”

Campain participates in AcaDec because of the unique people that he competes with.

“The people there are great,” Campain said. “Going to school is fun, but it’s nice to be with a group of people that are really interested and really smart and are kind of crazy. I mean, they’re giving up their weekend to do a multiple choice test.”

Campain hopes to sweep the state competition, which will be held at Kansas State University on Jan. 19. If the team does well at state, they may be eligible to compete in the national competition on April 25-27 in Minneapolis, Minn.

While some students might think it is the “dorkiest club at school,” according to Campain, he thinks it’s much more exciting than it sounds.

“It just gets me really fired up,” Campain said.


Alex Gabrielli
1st place: Economics, Language
Kathleen Mullin
3rd place: Economics
Alex Dang
1st place: Economics, Language, Music
Spencer Dang
2nd place: Music
Kirk Bado
1st place: Interview, Speech
Neng Huynh
3rd place: Math, Music, Speech
Taylor Hockersmith
2nd place: Art, Economics, Music
Bowen Chapel
2nd place: Social Sciences, Super Quiz
Amit Bhatla
3rd place: Economics
Lucas Lowry
3rd place: Art, Speech
Matt Styers
1st place: Speech
* Note: these are not the only awards that these students won; the awards listed are the highest rankings that they received in events.