Why, why, why

Even though IB and AP classes may seem challenging, and the workload, daunting, but pushing yourself in high school will be highly rewarding.

by Nina Gramajo

I get asked all the time why I am an IB diploma candidate, and my answer has always been why would I not. Regular classes never appealed to me because they never pushed me to my full advantage. Have you ever sat in a regular class and been the only person done with your work, and then you had to be the student who had to help everyone else? The regular classes move at a much slower pace than what I wanted to go. I like the fast pace of the classes and the in-depth discussion. Nothing is better than sitting in class debating over whether or not Truman Capote wrote In Cold Blood for personal gain or as a memoir. The debates get heated you have kids arguing and stating their opinions. Now, they are not calling each other stupid for believing one idea or another; they are acknowledging the other side, but stating what they believe. I would rather be a nerd then not be living to the full potential that I can accomplish.

“What was I thinking?” goes through my mind all the time. With the harder classes, there are days when you are stressed out of your mind and thinking about what you got yourself into by joining IB. There are days when you could have a literary analysis due in English; a test in math, spanish, history and maybe science as well. Those days happen every once in awhile, and please do not think I don’t freak out: I am guilty of freaking out. But in all honesty who does not have those days when you are freaking out, even if you are in regular classes.

Sometimes it feels like the teachers have a secret meeting on their own and say “hey, lets all schedule tests and big assignments on the same day.” Or the teachers might have forgot for a moment that we have six other classes, but I’m not complaining. In the end, if you take harder classes, you will be better prepared for college. Then when the day in college comes and you have to exams all day, people like me who took challenging classes are going to be completely confident and it will all be thanks to AP and IB.

Now I am not saying that regular classes are stupid and everyone should take AP and IB; I’m not. Regular just was not for me, and it may not be for you. I know some people who know that math is not their subject, so they take regular math, and english is their strong suit so they take IB English. Do not dismiss AP or IB because you are scared of the work and of failing. The classes are not scary, but I am not going to lie: they are time-consuming and challenging. They push you to do the best that you can do and be the best you can be. As to failing, you will not fail if you put forth the effort in your work and study. All of the teachers are really amazing and understanding if you need help. They are ready to help you in any way you can.

If you take anything from this, use this advice to push yourself to full advantage and don’t be afraid to reach for success.