The Omnibus

I always have topics for the Coin-Op that are simply too short to stretch out into an entire post. It’s really unfortunate, but I’ve found a way around that — the mystical, Internet omnibus. I decided that it was time to go over a few of my grievances and solutions.

Price and Content
Games are far less successful than they could be because of their standard $60 price tag.  Games are placed on this expensive pedestal because companies demand such content, but if a game would, perhaps, forgo multiplayer content, in favor of a single player experience, we could be far more cost-effective. Take, even Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, how many people by choice played the single player? If it had been cut to just the multiplayer, the price tag could be dropped considerably and reach an even wider audience. This is good for the consumer, good for the publisher, easier on the developer; we all win.

Avatars and You
I’ve found it really interesting that so many games these days take to letting you create and name your own character. Take the Elder Scrolls series, where you can spend an hour designing every facet of your characters face only to have it hidden by a helmet for the rest of the game. However, the problem here is that most non-player characters in games have taken to kissing the main character’s feet, especially women, as they spend their time commenting how handsome a male character is. This is a frustrating turn of events because it’s simply spoon-feeding us a good feeling rather than trying to produce something through gameplay or the story.

An Open Post to Square Enix
Look, guys, you registered both the names ‘Chrono Break’ and ‘Chrono Brake,’ so how about instead of telling me to buy the DS version of Chrono Trigger or get Chrono Cross on Playstation Network, how about you just make the game?  Seriously, I’ve been waiting for this for longer than any human should have to.  If you make a system called the Chono Brake system and it’s only made to play Chrono Brake and you only release Chrono Brake for it, then I will buy it. If you make it in Playstation graphics, or even Super Nintendo graphics, I will play it, it’s the Chrono Series, okay, just make the game.

Enough Already
Since this is a gaming blog, it’s a bit weird that I’ve yet to mention SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, or any of the other attacks on just about everything the Internet has to offer. I understand why they were there, and I also understood that they’d never pass.  But at one point, people are trying too hard; both sides need to quit it.  Supporters of the bills need to just say enough, because at one point all you’re doing is impotently bashing; it’s sort of annoying.  To the protesters of the bill — you can stop these protests; it’s over. The problem really doesn’t exist enough for these actions to be justified anymore.

And that concludes the Coin-Op’s first omnibus; thank you for reading.