The Toss: The (Semi) Pro Bowl

It’s the end of the playoffs and now it’s time for the most important game of the year — the Pro Bowl. With its amazing rules like: not being able to even try to block any form of kick, no blitzing, no three-wide receiver sets and no motion on offensive plays the game is a joy to watch. In all honesty, the game is pointless except as yet another title for the player, and some side cash.Why even play the game if the rules created solely for it are not going to let athletes play their best?

This discussion came about at dinner while watching the Pro Bowl. The rules appeared on the screen and a fire storm of ‘just how stupid can we get?’ comments erupted.

From that discussion came these thoughts on how to increase the viewing pleasure.

First, play the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl. Then, take out all of the goofy rules. Players would actually try, and the game, which already doesn’t matter, would at least be interesting to watch.

Or, if there are going to be a lot of rules that hinder the game, at least let fans suggest rules that make it fun.

  • Once per drive, at least 5 players must do the hokey pokey.
    • At least one must be an offensive lineman.
  • On the goal line, the defense is not allowed to touch the ball carrier; just let them score the touchdown.
  • At least one pass is required per drive to an offensive lineman.
  • The defense is not allowed to swat the ball after 15 yards.

These rules would, at the very least, make the game funny. If the game would decide the home team for the Super Bowl, it could matter, but as of now, it is literally pointless. Although the Super Bowl is currently a neutral game, the home team would be able to call the toss, or who would be listed first on the scoreboard. Connecting the Pro Bowl to the Super Bowl with these simple things could make it matter.

I am glad that the players are given the opportunity to show off their talent and make more money, of course, but they are just wasting their time in a pointless game. Put it after the Super Bowl so everyone can play, instead of just the people who didn’t make it to the ‘big game.’