Throwback: Metal Evolution brings classic rock back to TV

Metal Evolution might be a new show, but its all about classic rock.
It also happens to be my favorite show that the vast empire of VH1 has to offer. In fact, it’s the only show they offer that is truly entertaining, and it’s actually about music. I can watch a whole episode without seeing a single disgusting “Guido” or “housewife.” But you won’t see it on primetime VH1. You have to go over to VH1 Classic to catch an episode.

I don’t like Metal music all that much. If you talk about metal music today, the “Big 4” come up: Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeath and Slayer. I can’t stand any of them. Because of this, I never considered myself a metal fan.

So when I sat down to watch Metal Evolution, I was surprised.

The first episode started, as any good documentary does, at the beginning of it all. Blues was an obvious root; almost all rock started with blues. But they also drew connections to jazz and even classical music. That knocked me back in my chair.

But then I thought about all those intricate, eardrum-bursting guitar solos that made metal famous. Take away the Marshall stacks, and those guitar riffs sound just like the works of famous composers like Bach. It all made sense. I started looking at metal as more than just a bunch of headbanging idiots. I suddenly developed a respect for their music.

The next episode documented the birth of American metal. MC5, the Stooges, Ted Nugent and Kiss were main subjects. Members of all the bands were interviewed, and they gave insight about their music. That’s probably why I like this show. It’s actually informative.
Host and producer Sam Dunn boasts that while making the documentary, he conducted over 300 interviews with musicians, experts and fans. After watching an hour of TV, I came out with new knowledge about an important part of music culture. How often can you say that about TV today?

If you aren’t the kind of person who watches TV to become informed, don’t worry. Metal Evolution has everything that Jersey Shore has and more. I mean the show is about rock and roll. Heavy alcohol use, drugs, women and fighting are a big part of its history. They make Snooki and the Situation look like lightweights, angels even.
Not to mention, the soundtrack to this show is far better than anything on reality TV.

Metal Evolution is more than just a show about metal. It’s a show that encompasses the history of modern rock and its effects on our society. I have only seen two episodes, and I have already found a respect and liking of the music I once found annoying. That’s not to say I’m going to go out and buy an Anthrax album. I’ll leave the headbanging to the “metalheads,” and just watch this show instead.

Catch the next episode on Friday night at 10 p.m. on VH1 Classics.