Gymnastics Season Preiview


Mary Graves at a previous gymnastics meet.


Jumping and flipping around the gymnastics meets, head coach Jessie Rood is ready to kick off the season Thursday, at SM South.

“It’s pretty important for us to kick off on the right foot,” sophomore Zoe Kopp said. “We’re all working on new routines and new skills.”

Learning all the new routines and skills doesn’t happen overnight. Everyday after school the girls meet for practice to work on perfecting their routines.

“Our practices start at three and we usually do around a five minute jog around the floor, conditioning partner stretching individual stretching” Kopp said. “Then we work on our events and we get a lot of one-on-one attention from the coach.”

Though there are points where Rood may be focusing on only one individual at a time, the other gymnasts are still hard at work.

“The girls really enjoy eachothers’ company.” Rood said. “I can count on most of them to stay on task without me having to harp on them.”

Although Rood was a coach for 13 years for club competitive gymnastics, this is her first year here at Northwest.

“I am excited to see the girls perform well and have a great time doing it.” Rood said. “I am excited to create long-lasting relationships with a wonderful group of gymnasts and see them represent themselves, me and their school very well.”