Super Lol

All things considered, it’s safe to say that most Kansas City Chiefs’ fans wanted to see Denver lose come Super Bowl Feb. 2. The game was more than destruction to say the least. Within the first two seconds the Seahawks scored off a safety on a missed snap by Denver in their own end zone.

From their, the Seahawks never looked back. At times, the game was more funny than the commercials. The Seahawks made it look like it was a video game and that all of their stats were boosted. Was that the championship game or a practice. The entire game I was waiting for Tracy Morgan to come out and tell the Broncos that they were on Scare Tactics, a prank TV show.

Peyton Manning ended his MVP, record breaking season with perhaps the most embarrassing game of his career as he became the player with the most playoff losses in post-season history.

The Seahawks defense, or should I say Legion Of Boom, got everything they wanted with many forced turnover, one including an interception for a touchdown. The 48th Super bowl was hyped up to be one of the best ever. It was the best defense (Seattle) and the best offense (Denver) in one final showdown, but the lone touchdown Denver scored in the early fourth quarter seemed like it was out of pity. Seattle’s defense put up a performance that may set them as one of the greatest defenses ever.

What does this do to Peyton Manning’s legacy? You could say he has already proved himself as the best of all time, but the way I see it, Manning’s “high caliber offense” looked like a middle school recreational flag football team compared to the dominant Seattle Seahawk, whom were the “underdogs”. *laughs*

 By: Sean Collins