The IB Way: October is Here

The IB Way: October is Here

October is suppose to be the month where juniors are tested to see if they are able to handle the IB program or if they will break under pressure. Every IB senior has told me the same thing: “wait until October.” Now that October is here, I feel afraid of what is about to happen. I do not feel afraid of the work or the classes, but about the unknown. IB is and has become the unknown.

I believe that every junior IB Diploma Candidate will survive the frightening month of October. It is kind of ironic that October is already supposed to be scary because of Halloween, and October is also one of an IB candidates’ greatest struggles.

I have gathered tips from IB seniors, IB teachers and the IB survival guide online.

  • Know the command terms for test questions and for the IB biology objectives. On most of the tests I take in IB, there are no multiple choice questions: there are only essays. Without knowing the command, it would be nearly impossible to receive a good grade on an exam.
  • Try not to procrastinate on the long-term assignments. I am a person that tends to procrastinate, and that is definitely one of my major faults. The tip that all the teachers told students was to spread the work out. Do a little bit each night, instead of all the work the night before.
  • Study like crazy. While studying, make sure that you take breaks in order to give your brain a chance to catch up. Studying a little every day will help the information sink in.
  • Make a list of your priorities, such as, “My Spanish test is tomorrow; study for that. But my psychology essay is not due until Thursday, so that can wait.” If you can put something off to save you stress for one night, I recommend saving it for another night.
  • Many of my teachers say that organization is the key to success. Avoid just throwing papers into your backpack instead of placing them where you will be able to find them later.
  • The seniors I have spoken to have said to go to the classes that you are needing help in whenever you can. Make the extra effort to get the help; it will improve your grades.

October is the make it or break it month. I would be heartbroken if any of the IB juniors dropped diploma. However, I know for a fact that October will test my own strengths and push my limits.