In the new thriller Gone, Jill (Amanda Seyfried: Mamma Mia!, Dear John) is a beautiful young woman whose sister disappears. Jill is positive that the person who about a year ago kidnapped and tried to kill her has come back and now is trying to do the same thing to her sister. With insufficient evidence and Jill’s mental history, the police don’t believe her, so Jill tries to find her sister by herself. Meanwhile, the police are out to stop her.

photo courtesy of bbcnews.com

A good thriller keeps your heart beating from the beginning to the end, and that’s exactly what Gone does. The dark forest and a man who kidnaps young women are enough to have moviegoers checking twice to make sure they are alone before going to sleep.

Grayish, cold colors make the movie even scarier, and it goes well with the main characters’ general disposition. Still, sadly, the story is weak and childish. A normal person trying to act like an agent when the police don’t believe her is an unreal idea. The worst part of the movie is the end: It feels like the writers’ ran out of stolen ideas, and so the filmmakers just wrapped everything up. If the ending was a bit stronger, the movie could have been saved.

Still, I think I won’t go to a forest for a while. After this movie, it would be too scary.

2 out of 5 stars