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Swinging Into Greatness

Two Spider-Men, one big city, a ton of crime and hours of entertainment

I know that many of you won’t read most of this, so in short, let me tell you this much. The game was amazing. The story was intriguing, the world felt alive and vibrant. Combat was engaging but it got old quickly, and the epilogue gameplay fell short. 

Insomniac Games created Spider-Man 2 specifically for the PS5, meaning the swing and traversal speed have been made faster and the visuals are more realistic than anything the PS4 could produce. 

However, even as a Spider-Man fan I still feel that this game has a couple of issues. For starters it’s formatted in a way that pushes Miles out of the way, in turn, they put Peter in the forefront of the action.

Another point that Spider-Man 2 struggles with is combat. Now don’t get me wrong it’s just as good as the last one, maybe even better, but unfortunately the combat gets old quickly. You fight the same three enemy groups over and over again, many of them being copies of previous enemies. Luckily Insomniac Games has added a couple of new mechanics to make this repetition of combat a little more interesting

Now let’s get into the story. In my 100% fanboy opinion, it was amazing, spectacular, and absolutely sensational. I found myself running over to the next mission time and time again. But the thing that I enjoyed the most was Kraven. Now without spoiling anything, Kraven was captivating, he engaged the heroes in ways that were both fun and horrific. Every single time Kraven popped on screen I knew something absolutely horrifying was about to happen. When I first saw him, his appearance alone brought chills down my spine. And once again I do not want to spoil much for you, so I will only say this, Venom was a true menace to society.

Unfortunately, post-game content isn’t engaging, there’s a couple of missions here and there but nothing that truly makes me go “Wow”. Luckily it’s likely that Insomniac Games will release a DLC (Downloadable content), for this entry much like they did for the last game. This has become even more likely because, by the end of the game, they left a couple of storylines unfinished which, to be honest, fills me with so much anger, (you’ll understand when you play the game). 

Look, we are reaching the end, so as one last thing I’ll tell you this much, I am a Spider-Man fan. I love the movies and the shows, I’ve read a couple of his more famous comic runs, and like many others every single time that I see the classic web-slinger, nostalgia fills my heart.

So with all of this in mind take some of my points with a grain of salt. 

But before you leave thinking everything I have said is completely and utterly wrong, I will say this, play the game for yourself, it is truly a great time and worth every cent. I hope you enjoy your playthrough like I enjoyed mine. Excelsior!

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