Andrew (Dane DeHaan: True Blood) is a lonely, bullied high school student whose problems continue at home: his mother is sick, they don’t have enough money to pay for her medication and his father pushes his suffering onto Andrew.

His life changes when he and his cousin Matt (Alex Russell: Wasted on the Young) and Matt’s friend Steve (Michael B. Jordan: Friday Night Lights) find something underground: Something that gives them power to do unnatural things. If they just think about doing something, like making objects fly and move around, they make it possible.

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Time goes on and their powers get stronger and stronger, which reveals Andrew’s bad side. His desire to get revenge slowly takes control of him, putting himself and everyone around him in danger.

Paranormal Activity proved how “found footage” (a style where the movie is filmed as it would be a home video, by one of the actors) works by making the movie feel more real. Chronicle uses the same technique, making the fictional story seem like it is actually happening.

The story itself is not just a normal horror story: Andrew’s rough life and the humor which is shown, especially in the beginning of the movie, gives the film some twists of drama and comedy. The three main actors are able to create a realistic, strong friendship between themselves, even though they are very different, making it very enjoyable to watch when they’re having fun with their new powers.

With all the humorous, interesting characters and surprising events, Chronicle is a good piece of entertainment from the beginning to the last minute. For those who don’t enjoy unnatural fiction movies or drama, this movie is not a right choice. For others this movie could be a new film experience and crush expectations of a film about high school students with superpowers.

4 out of 5 stars