FIFA 12, the newest installment of what has become the most popular EA Sports series, was released on Sept. 28. The game hasn’t changed much from any of the others, but there are some new controls. The graphics are more realistic in a game and in close-up view of the player. The players in the game also seem to move more realistically.

New features include an on- and offline experience leader board where you earn experience by playing games and passing milestones. The experience benefits the actual team and resets weekly, but it doesn’t really explain what, if anything, the teams can do with the experience.
The user interface is new and improved. It flows better and is looks better than previous games. It is now similar to the EA Madden Series because the home screen uses tabs instead of a vertical menu; the tabs have sub-menus and it is easier to find what you need. I like the game better than the older games because it loads considerably faster, which is nice when just playing a quick game.

The controls that existed in the last game are the same, which is helpful because you don’t have to re-learn anything; however, there are a few new controls that improve the game. You can now standing tackle push and pull on the players both of which you couldn’t control before. Another new feature is the ability to jockey, which is similar to NBA games; it gives you the ability to stay in front of the players while maintaining a defensive position.
After scoring, the player can control the celebration, and they added new celebrations to this edition, giving more control and creativity.

Overall the game is similar to older editions, with just a few new add-ins. The graphics are better and the game seems not as easy. It is a spectacular game, and deserves its spot on the top of any sports fan’s list.

5/5 soccer balls