Blink 182: Neighborhoods

Punk rock fans watching the 51st Grammy Awards rejoiced in 2009 as Blink-182 band members walked onstage as a trio for the first time since 2004 and announced their return. Two years later on Sept. 27, the band’s new album “Neighborhoods” dropped onto store shelves.

The group members, in the past, have been recognized as the crude-humor, immature adults who never grew up, but Neighborhoods breaks that mold. With Tom Delonge’s spacey guitar rifts and deep lyrics, adopted from Angels and Airwaves, meshed together with drummer Travis Barker and co-lead singer Mark Hoppus’s upbeat tempo, the band created a memorable album that even older audiences could enjoy. Tracks like “Ghost On the Dance Floor,” “Love Is Dangerous” and “Even If She Falls” were the most heavily Angels and Airwaves-influenced songs with Delonge’s love story melodies.

The tracks that equally spread the singing between him and Hoppus were by far the strongest. Hoppus sends a strong dark tone in the beginning of “Kaleidoscope.” “After Midnight” is one of the most highly regarded songs on the album, with its sweet harmony and catchy lyrics; it’s slightly confusing why it was not chosen as the single instead of “Up All Night”.

Even though Blink-182 has changed over the years, it still fills the gap as the band who went mainstream, but never lost its identity. Neighborhoods is a tribute to the years Delonge, Hoppus and Barker lost together and the strides they took to mend the issues that broke them up.