Our Idiot Brother Review

An optimistic, man-child named Ned (Paul Rudd) is released from prison, and attempts to find out where he fits into society in the new comedy Our Idiot Brother.

Rudd, who is usually known for comedic characters, plays an intentionally less humorous role. The humor is more in his naivete than actual punch lines and gags which makes for an even funnier role because the jokes don’t seem forced.

After being released from jail, Ned attempts to find a permanent home, but his childish ways become his downfall. His sisters attempt to help him and although he does nothing wrong all of their troubles appear to be his fault.

The roles of his sisters were well chosen. Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer and Elizabeth Banks each play an important role for which each seems tailor-made.

The movie contains a hilariously funny sub-plot involving Ned’s dog Willie Nelson, that stayed with Ned’s ex-girlfriend while he was in jail. The dog is the only thing that Ned loves in the world, and so he does everything he can to get it back.

Ned’s good deeds do not go to waste in the end, because many of the problems he “created” are fixed.

Our Idiot Brother is not so much a laugh-out-loud comedy, as it is a feel good story, and it is a good movie that will hold your attention with its interesting twists and turns.