Influential Seniors: Sara Osborne [video]


What did you get out of high school?
Starting high school, I was involved in a lot. I did journalism and StuCo, and I was involved in Club 121 and swim team. I had so much going on, and that was great. My sister was a senior during my freshman year. I remember when she was leaving; all of a sudden she graduated and none of the stuff she did defined her anymore. She wasn’t a member of StuCo; she wasn’t a swimmer anymore. She told me to not let the things you do define you, but let the person you are becoming define you. Specifically, let the relationship with God define you. Her advice has taught me a lot about the definition of myself. Though I love this place, I am excited to leave, because my experience in high school taught me who I am and my relationships with people have taught me who I want to be.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave at Northwest?
The legacy I want to leave is the same legacy I want to leave in my life: being someone who cares about people and seeks to love other people. I would like to base my life on God and the things that He has done for me. I believe every moment is a grace offering that I have to accept. I hope to be someone who spurs other people on to recognize the graces around them. It’s really easy to go to school every day and not really embrace and not really live it. I want to encourage other people to care about school and the people they are around. I want to encourage people to build relationships that will last.

Why become the president of StuCo?
It has been the thing in high school that has really made me excited to be in high school. The relationships I have built throughout the years in StuCo have turned me into the person I am now. Mrs. Dent as a sponsor has been someone who has just inspired me to devote myself to the things that I am doing and to be responsible enough to follow through on the things that I started.

I think when it comes to being the president , and my decision to run for president last year, I just see how much of an impact StuCo has made on me and on the school. I wanted to be able to teach other people to be leaders and inspire other people to care about our school.

What has been your biggest success?
I think the events that we put on. We do pretty much the same things every year, and we try to add new things as we get suggestions or come up with new ideas. This year we have done well meeting our goals. But, my biggest success in StuCo as president would be the opportunity to lead the class and the opportunity to explore leadership with individual people in the classroom.