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Why do people take the matchmaker quiz?
Kyra Highlander
Reading the label on two roses, senior Stella Hyter and Bryan McKee hand out roses Feb. 13 in a hallway. McKee loved embarrassing the people who were getting roses. “When we delivered the roses we would go in and yell peoples names to make it more fun for the people receiving it.” Photo by Kyra Highlander

Senior Max Bender took the Matchmaker quiz in hopes of matching with his girlfriend. He got the form, answered all the questions and paid $2 for his results to find out if they were compatible, according to the quiz at least.

He ended up getting most compatible, of the total results, with senior Marina Johnson.

Not his girlfriend.

“Uh yeah, didn’t really care.” Bender said. 

SMNW had its annual Matchmaker event this year. Students had to take a quiz with about 30 questions about themselves and their type, and they had the option of buying results at a table in the mall for $2. Results showed top 15 romantic matches and friend matches and 10 of each in the remaining grades, as well as your most opposite match and two mystery matches. 

The Matchmaker quiz was originally a fundraiser. But word from Sarah Dent, the organizer of the event and STUCO sponsor, says things have changed. A lot of people who take the quiz don’t even buy their results. The cost of the results has grown from $1 to $2 as of this year, which could be a reason for this. 

346 of the approximate 1600 people at SMNW took the quiz, and I spoke to some of the top 10 most compatible matches out of those results. 

Not a lot of people take the Matchmaker quiz seriously. Various people said they did it just for fun and not to meet someone in any romantic capacity. 

“I’m in STUCO,” Johnson said. “So we try to get all the STUCO members to take the quiz so that there’s like, you know, more results.”

Others, like seniors Adam Vogel and Ella Jones, who were the fourth most compatible of all the results, took the quiz to see if they’d match with their friends. 

“Yeah I just don’t think we’re similar,” Jones said. “I think there’s like more to it.” 

She originally didn’t know Vogel when his name came up, but when talking about it with tablemates, she realized he sits just five feet from her in one of her classes. 

“But I don’t think I would just because of the test,” Jones said. 

Neither thought it was very accurate because results are also computer generated. 

But, in some rare cases, like mine, your number one match adds you on Snapchat, ya’ll hang out, and he ends up asking you out. 

“I got my results, got some good laughs, made some jokes with my friends about it, but I haven’t really looked back on it since,” Vogel said. 


This year, as always, SMNW hosted the annual rose sales event during the month of February. This year, red, orange, yellow, white, pink and purple roses were available for purchase and were $3.50 each. You could buy a rose for your significant other, crush, or a friend, and it would be delivered to them the day before Valentine’s Day with a small note. All the roses sold this year left the hallways smelling like spring.

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