Familiar Faces – Maggie and Katie Chapin

Three sets of siblings prepare for a new year at NW together; one starting their first year and the other beginning their last


Stella Grist (she/her), co-Editor In Chief

Senior Maggie Chapin

Who gets to pick the music in the car?


What is the best thing about having your sibling at the same school as you?

Probably to heckle her and her friends, honestly.

What’s the most annoying thing about your sibling?

She leaves her stuff everywhere. 

What will you miss most about your sibling when you graduate?

She’s funny and can always cheer me up if Mom gets mad at me.

What advice did you give your sibling regarding high school?

She was really nervous about how to find her classes and stuff. I was just like, ‘Oh don’t worry like you’ll be fine. Just read the signs and stuff.’ Basically just stuff like that. I kind of did talk her into doing debate, too, because she was on the fence about that. She was pretty nervous for , too and I was like, ‘Oh, you’ll be fine, you’re a good dancer.”

If you could tell other incoming freshmen one piece of advice regarding high school, what would it be?

I feel like this is what everybody says, but just get involved in as much as you can and try to make friends in whatever you’re doing. 


Freshman Katie Chapin

Will you be riding together to school?

Most days. , it’s a lot less stressful than my mom, because she’s a little more relaxed 

Who gets to pick the music in the car?


What are you most excited for with having your sibling at the same school as you?

I got a lot of advice from her because she was kind of a test run child for , so I’m hoping it’ll go a lot smoother for me.

What will be the worst part of having your sister at the same school? Being heckled. A lot of teachers, even ones that don’t have Maggie in their class and have never had her in their class are like, ‘Oh, Maggie, she is so great. What a great kid’. They don’t really say that about me.  I’m not terrible, but I’m just not her. I mean I’m not a bad kid, Maggie’s just this perfect kid.

How did your sibling prepare you for high school?

I tend to over-worry a lot so Maggie’s just like, ‘calm down you’re going to be fine, it’s not that scary.’ She gave me a lot of advice about what electives to take and what’s important to get done through high school, so I’d say those are the main things. There were tryouts for dance team, and she talked me through that.