Familiar Faces – Hannah and Madeline Van Auken

Three sets of siblings prepare for a new year at NW together; one starting their first year and the other beginning their last


Stella Grist (she/her), co-Editor In Chief

Senior Hannah Van Auken

Did you give your sibling any advice coming into high school? 

I’ve told her which teachers and classes I’ve liked and which to avoid, but other than that I haven’t really given her much advice. I’m sure she’ll be fine. 

What will be the best part of having your sibling at the same school as you?

It would be kind of cool if my brother , sister and I all had a class together. We probably won’t even see each other most of the day. 

What will be the worst part of having your sibling at the same school as you?

 I liked driving myself to school and listening to music by myself each day, but the drive is only like five minutes so I don’t really care that we’ll be driving together now.

What is the most annoying thing about your sibling? 

 I don’t really want to say much since she could potentially see this in the newspaper, but she can definitely be annoying and mean at times. I’m sure she’d say the same about me.


Freshman Madeline Van Auken

Will your older sibling be driving you to school this year? 

Most likely. quiet, since neither of us are morning people.

Did you base any of the classes you chose on your sibling’s experience?

Yes, I asked her which classes and teachers she liked and didn’t like to help me choose.

Do you feel more prepared for this new chapter than your friends without older siblings?

When knowing what to expect in high school, I might be more prepared than they are, but when actually going , I’ll be right with them.

What is the most annoying thing about your sibling?

The most irritating thing about my sister is the mood she gets in when she’s grumpy. 

Will you miss your sibling when she graduates?

When Hannah graduates, I’ll miss her a lot.