Big Decisions


Stella Grist, Copy Editor

        In previous years, students seeking help with 

        “My job is to make sure that students feel encouraged and aware of their options when it comes to life after high school,” Martin said, “To help them explore which route is best for them personally, whether that’s college, career or military. We explore those options together on what the best fit would be.”

        Because Martin recently graduated, she says she connects easily with students making similar decisions. 

        “I’m fresh out of college,” Martin said. “I get to meet with students as they’re going through something that I just went through, which is a cool part of my job.”

        Although Martin wasn’t sure what specific profession she would pursue, she knew she wanted to support people. 

        “I knew that I was passionate about people and helping people, which got thrown in my majors and ideas for what I want to do in college,” Martin said. “Ultimately, the theme through all of it was helping people.”

        At times, Martin found herself struggling to adapt to the working lifestyle.

        “In general, the hardest part has just been transitioning into my first job out of college,” Martin said. “There’s absolutely nothing that’s been wrong with the school or the job itself. In life, you’re so used to being in school. Then you’re kind of thrown into the ‘nine to five’”

        Despite the difficulty of shifting into the workforce, Martin finds several positive aspects of her job. 

        “I think the most redeeming part is when that ‘light’ goes on in the student,” Martin said. “Whether they got accepted to a school or they filled out a scholarship or figured out how to register for the ACT just seeing them accomplish something and being able to help them is absolutely the most rewarding part.”

        One particular student stands out in her mind. 

        “One student, I met with him a couple of times,” Martin said. “Originally, he came in here and honestly he didn’t think he had a lot going for him. He felt like his options were limited. We were able to pull a college rep in and she shared about the school and options that he could have for what he wanted to study. We got to talking about the ACT and financial aid that was available. Then, I saw the light go on in him.”

        Senior Catherine Becker has had Martin’s help with her college search, decision making and more. 

        “Martin’s helped with telling me when I need to fill stuff out and get everything done,” Becker said. “The general stress of it all, she’s very good at relieving some of that and explaining things so they aren’t as terrifying.”

        Sitting and talking with students occupies much of Martin’s time. 

        “I think a big part of this job is also just providing a space for students to sit down and take the time with someone that wants to help them,” Martin said.

        Becker thinks this outside perspective is needed. 

        “Being able to talk to someone who isn’t my parents, who are as stressed as I am, is helpful,” Becker said.

        Martin is loved by many of her students for her approachable nature and kind demeanor. 

        “She’s super nice, it’s very easy to talk to her and she’s very helpful,” Becker said. “Even when you aren’t in her office, she will go and find things for you.”

        Martin enjoys her job and the students she has helped along the way. 

        “When I went to witness them firsthand put in work, and when that work pays off, I think that fills my cup,” Martin said. “When I can see that joy in them. That’s why I’m here.”