Dystopia Megadeth Review


Dystopia, Megadeth’s 15 album, is a major comeback compared to their 2013 release, Super Collider. Finding a bassist to fill David Ellefson’s spot in the band was going to be difficult for lead singer Dave Mustaine, due to his unexpected departure from the band shortly after production.

Megadeth has always had an issue with keeping guitarists and drummers in the band for more than one album, but the latest Megadeth lineup has proven the best since its heyday in the early ‘90s. Kiko Loureiro, a guitarist from the band Angra, and drummer Chris Adler, from Lamb of God, perform perfectly with Mustaine.

This album, instrumentally, is a beautiful piece of classic metal, the perfect combination of essential Megadeth with new riffs and drums. (“The Threat is Real”)is a great example of quintessential Megadeth, high intensity instrumentals paired with doomsday lyrics. However, Mustaine makes himself out to be a doomsday prepper with lyrics like “This planet’s become one big spinning disaster” in “Post American World” and “What we are witnessing is the decline of western civilization” in the pounding track “Lying in State.” The paranoid lyrics make an otherwise very well orchestrated album go awry and seem confused. But regardless, if you like classic Megadeth, you’ll love Dystopia.