Red Queen Review

Red Queen Review

Rating: 3 out of 5

Byline: Téah Lierz


With so many stories in the past few years about teens fighting against the government (The Hunger Games, the Insurgent series, The Giver, etc.), Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is well written, but the story is a bit dull.  This concept seems a bit old and ‘done’.  The plot was predictable, which made it boring at times. It took me about two weeks to get through it, which is a long time for me, and was not the best book ever, but overall it was a decent read.  

This society is made up of two kinds of people, Red bloods and Silver bloods.  The Silvers possess supernatural powers, such as controlling fire or metal. They also  control the government and live lavish lifestyles while the Reds possess no supernatural powers, live in poverty and are enslaved by the Silvers. Mare, a seventeen year old Red girl, decides to get a job in the Silver capital. While in the capital, she discovers that she has a supernatural power, the ability to control lightning. As the Silvers come to realize that she could destroy them, they plan to kill her.  

The story did not have any characters that were easy to relate to, because they all seemed too unrealistic, or like they did not behave how a real human might.  It was difficult to get emotionally involved in the story.  It would have been nice to have seen the characters developed more than they were.  I did, however, like that there was one twist in the book that was somewhat surprising.  It was one of those things that you think might happen but you are not sure.  It is not a book that I would necessarily recommend, but it was not bad for a one time read.