Snowed In



Two feet of snow have hit the ground and it’s 15 degrees outside. You have been moseying around your house all day and then think to yourself, “Is this what it is going to be like all break?” You will not have those type of snow days again.

The weather is frightening, so why not cuddle into a blanket with some hot chocolate at your side. You could even grab your gloves, sled, and head for the snow. “I would play several games of chess,” freshman Levi Van Hoecke said. “And most importantly run on the treadmill five times a week.”

If being productive isn’t your thing, you can seize the day by being more on the lackadaisical side of things.

“I would probably just sleep in,” sophomore Alex Oleson said. “Wake up and make myself a giant breakfast and either just hang with friends or go watch Netflix all day long.”

Oleson also stressed the importance of spending time with family. “I would talk with my family,”  Van Hoecke said, “primarily, about the profound things of life”.

Over the holidays, people cherish their family time. Following traditions they haven’t changed for years, and making memories that they will never forget.  You could even do something productive like cleaning your room or have a family game night. “I would probably even clean my room because its never a bad thing to do,” freshman, Mio Ueki said. “And then maybe get caught up with school work.”

So grab your hot chocolate, it’s going to be a long 18 days!