Sports in 2014

Northwest Fall athletics found success in the 2014 season similar to other teams based in Kansas City.

Northwest experienced a rewarding fall athletics season in 2014. Most fall sports were host to an excellent season in regards to performance. The teams with less satisfactory years still had their uplifting moments.

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The Royals advanced to the playoffs even with having the least amount of homeruns and walks in the MLB. The only other team to ever do that is the 1985 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals. Their improved offense in the postseason was the pivotal factor in their success.

2014 Postseason Offensive Statistics for the Kansas City Royals



Player Name Batting Average RBI (Runs Batted In) Slugging Percentage (Percentage of player’s hits that aren’t singles)
Alcides Escobar .292 5 .415
Norichika Aoki .195 3 .195
Lorenzo Cain .333 8 .417
Eric Hosmer .351 12 .544
Alex Gordon .204 11 .370
Billy Butler .262 8 .333
Salvador Perez .207 6 .276
Omar Infante .255 6 .373
Mike Moustakas .231 7 .558
Jarrod Dyson .125 0 .125