Halo Master Chief Collection Review


Byline: Keegan Dolinar

rating: 5 out 5

Platform: Xbox One

Players: 1-4



Finally a real reason to own an Xbox One. This package offers quite a bit to Halo fans, and the visual upgrade for Halo 2 is especially well done with the new cutscenes that really enhance the experience.  I was skeptical about this game because I didn’t care for the Anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved it felt too soon.  This collection does not feel rushed, it feels complete.

I have not played the multiplayer yet, so I didn’t run into matchmaking issues at launch but I’m not totally surprised;  the early days of a games life tend to be a mess.

I am disappointed in just how much needed to be downloaded, all four games and multiplayer had to be downloaded one at a time. It was time wasting and storage consuming. I understand the developers not wanting the players to have to jump between two discs and I appreciate their desire to create a uniform experience.

The individual games all received visual upgrades to the graphics with them now being in HD, yet they still handle just as well as their older versions. I didn’t run into any framerate slowdown or weird visual issues.

I can say honestly that the remastered version of Halo 2 would have been worth the price of admission. So getting all four games as well as 100 or so multiplayer maps makes for a  worthwhile purchase.

In regards to value, this is one of the best releases I can remember. Halo 2 and the new cut scenes are stunningly beautiful. I honestly can’t give this game a higher recommendation. If you’re a Halo fan, you would be crazy not to buy this game. It’s pure Halo heaven through and through.  There is enough content here to keep you busy for years to come.