Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

4/5 Stars

I personally love movies and shows based on historical events, particularly ones about gangsters and car chases, much like Bonnie and Clyde. So of course I was hooked into the two part movie the minute I started watching it. There were ads in both movie theaters and TV. Bonnie and Clyde is such a big deal, it’s being shown on three different TV stations, which are the History, Lifetime and A&E channels, in two parts.

Part one showed the the intro to Bonnie and Clyde, how they came to be. In the beginning, Clyde narrated. A white car was pulled along, blood all over the windows and a tarp over two bodies. A group of children run up and pull back the tarp, revealing Clyde Barrow’s corpse. Then cut to the back story. You already knew Bonnie and Clyde die.

In part one, everything seemed happy, perfect, almost like a fantasy. It showed how Bonnie and Clyde came to be. Part two on the other hand, was where reality hit them. People were dying, they killed innocents, all for the sake of Bonnie having her name in the paper.

Holliday Grainger, who played Bonnie was fantastic. This is her first big movie and she suited the role perfectly, pulling off Bonnie’s egotistical and psychotic personality. She gave the movie character, which many shows and movies seemed to lack. Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild and Speed Racer) who played Clyde fit the role well.

The film felt as if you were stepping back into history and watching these chains of events. It seemed historically accurate, fitting into the 1930s, touching on the great depression and speakeasies.

A few negative comments; The blood is overdone. It clearly looks fake and in reality if you did get shot in the chest, or get your foot smashed with a hammer, you would not bleed out that much. Also, there were a few too many sexual scenes. It’s not really graphic for the most part but it was still a little much.

Other than the blood and sexual content, Bonnie and Clyde was beautifully done. It captured a moment in time and it genuinely felt like I was looking at the lives on Bonnie and Clyde. Anyone who liked The Great Gatsby or Gangs of New York would definitely enjoy this.

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