Battlefield 4


The immensely anticipated release of Battlefield 4 marks the end of the Call of Duty reign as the top shooter on the market with one of the best multiplayer experiences to date. Utilizing both of the consoles strengths and pushes them to their limits.
Battlefield 4 lacks in so many ways, mainly focusing on single player. AI’s that literally do not fire unless the player tells them to fire. Throughout the game, this becomes more frustrating. Imagine taking fire while your team just stands and watches. You don’t really connect or gain a sense of feel for the squad. They are just there waiting to be told to fire at the enemy or converse for five minutes yelling at each other for being useless.
The missions feel isolated and predictable like an action movie. It varies from going in guns ablazing to blowing things up, to vehicle warfare missions. There are three different endings that all feel the same.
Battlefield is not known for the single player. The single player is more of a tutorial for multiplayer which is chaos at its finest featuring Levolution. It is the most important aspect of this game, with destructive maps and gameplay that puts Call of Duty to shame.
The multiplayer deserves all the praise it has gotten from the past few years. Battlefield is definitely one of the best team cooperation experiences of the year. The downfall of the Call of Duty reign is near.