By Kylee Hartl

On April 2nd, a British Metal band known as Bring Me the Horizon released their newest album, Sempiternal, but this year, they added a new twist to their music. A strong list combined with an interesting new style made this album stand out among their catalogue.

It’s much different from their previous albums, with a heavy bass, the occasional electronic beat, far less screaming, and an almost melancholy sound rather than the traditional wrathful and angry tone of most metal. This is especially apparent in “And the Snakes Start to Sing,” which has a slow, melodic and mournful sound to it.

What was most surprising was “Can You Feel My Heart.” First, there was barely any screaming but that didn’t harm the songs quality. It had a very prominent electronic beat and an interesting set of lyrics that conveyed the clear mood of guilt and grief. “I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone. I long for that feeling to not feel at all. The higher I get, the lower I’ll sink. I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.” This song captures the idea of giving up running from your past perfectly.

My least favorite song in the album was by far Antivist. It was too much of a stereotypical anarchist song. Not to mention they didn’t need the vulgarity to the degree it was present in. “United, we’ll fail. Divided, we’ll fall,” was repeated frequently throughout the song, and I’m not sure if I agree with that. It was very negative compared to the other songs.

Overall it was quite a change from Suicide Season or There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen it, There Is A Heaven, Lets Keep It A Secret which consisted of the stereotypical screaming and lyrics about death and anger. It was a bit more of a thoughtful and unique approach. This was much different from previous albums but definitely for the better.