Title Fight’s Floral Green

photo courtesy of spin.com

Title Fight has done it again; the band has released their second full length album, Floral Green, and has shown that have what it takes to be one of the best punk bands today. The release of this record, produced by SideOneDummy Records, has added a lot more expansion and tour dates to the band’s future. The latest album has definitely brought attention to Title Fight’s comforting, old-school approach to punk music.

Floral Green follows proudly behind Title Fight’s last album Shed, mimicking the same familiar grunge sound loved by all TF fans. The album begins with an emo-punk sound with songs like “Numb, But I Still Feel It” and “Leaf,” with raspy singing over fast punk riffs that can make you feel like you’re back in the 90s grunge scene.

The fifth track in the album, “Head In The Ceiling Fan,” slows up the pace and gives you a chance to breathe between thrashing drum beats and heavy guitar work. They do so by making this song sound very much like a lullaby, but with a gravelly hymn over the music. Whoever decided to place this in the middle of the tracklist is a genius; it makes the album flow just perfectly.

After the quiet break, Title Fight pumps listeners back up with the song “Make You Cry.” This fast beat song, with its aggressive vocals, really shows the passion in vocalist and bassist Ned Russin’s voice.

There’s so much variety throughout all eleven tracks, brought to us by the amazing lyricists Russin and Jamie Rhoden, that makes this album an everyday-listen-to.

Title Fight finalizes the album with a knockout song, “In-Between”, that once again breaks away from the quick, post-hardcore rhythm to leave listeners with a smooth transition out of the album.

Overall, Title Fight seems to have outdone themselves with the release Floral Green. They have successfully given their audience the fantastic sophomore album all TF fans were waiting for.