Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect starts with Beca (Anna Kendrick), a freshman at Barden University, who wants to do nothing but create music. While walking around the school campus, she finds The Bellas, Barden’s University all-girl a capella group. Trying to make the group different and modern, Beca finds herself constantly at odds with leader Aubrey (Anna Camp), who is trying to keep the “Bella tradition.”

After a big mistake at the finals of the a cappella competition the previous year, The Bellas work their way to the top with new and unique members.

The atmosphere the movie created was eccentric. The singing and the beats made you want to sing along with the actors; in fact, some of the younger audience members did sing along and clap to the beat.

The remixes of hit pop songs were very captivating. Mixing the bass and fast beat of a pop song with some classics created a really unique soundtrack. I thought the sound editors showed their talent with Pitch Perfect.

The choice of characters was very interesting. The writers chose the most unique personalities. My favorite character was Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) because her big personality matched her large body. Whenever she opened her mouth, you knew something funny was coming.

Another character that was intriguing was Lily (Hana Mae Lee). She was the quiet, shy member of The Bellas. In the movie, she spoke so quietly it was barely audible, but when she spoke it left you bewildered because it was so irrelevant to the situation.

This movie was just okay. It didn’t leave me wanting to watch more, but wasn’t boring and I didn’t leave hating it. I don’t have much to say on the negatives because there weren’t very many bad qualities in Pitch Perfect; however, it didn’t have many positive qualities either. All it did was it made me laugh every once and awhile.

If my friends wanted to watch it, I would encourage them to, but there are other better movies out there.

3 out of 5 stars