This Week: Football Captains Honor Teachers

These teachers were selected by the football captains this week to wear their jerseys. The players chose these teachers as a way of honoring them for being special people in their lives. Here’s what the players had to say about the teachers.

Jeff Dickson (Jorn Winkelmolen): “I chose Coach Dickson not only because he was a good teacher, but also he was a fun guy to talk to. Whenever I needed to talk about anything, he was a guy I could go to.”

Ron Poplau (Kelby Quint): “I really appreciate how Mr. Poplau makes class fun. He’s always there to talk to and will help with anything he can. He is a great role model and representative for Northwest.”

Van Rose (Jakob Filsinger): “Mr. Rose is an outstanding teacher. He knows his subject very well and explains everything to the class in a way they can understand. I also like the fact that he still writes on a chalkboard.”

Mark Schirmer (Jonathan Bruntzel): “Mr. Schirmer is the best teacher at Northwest and woods is the best class. I had Mr. Schirmer freshman, sophomore and senior year. He helps all of his students to get better and has improved the woods program every year.”