Movie Preview: Seven Psychopaths


Seven Psychopaths
Release Date:Oct. 12
Lead Actor(s):Colin Farrell (Minority Report, In Bruges)
Sam Rockwell (Moon)
Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction, Catch Me If You Can)
Woody Harrelson (No Country For Old Men, Zombieland)
Martin McDonagh

Plot Summary:

Marty (Farrell), a struggling screenwriter, becomes embroiled in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles when his best friend Billy (Rockwell), a part time dog thief, and Billy’s partner in crime Hans (Walken) accidentally steal a gangster’s (Harrelson) beloved dog.

Seven Psychopaths seems to seek refuge in audacity, with car chases, murder, and dog thievery as the highlights of this over-the-top comedy film.

With such a large cast of distinguished actors, the initial thought might be that the film’s comedy will fall flat, as many similar films have in the past. This failure seems to occur so often because, many times, writers seem to write for the actor rather than the character (exhibit A: The Expendables). With so many popular actors starring in such films, this creates a jumble of dissonant characters that results in a disjointed screenplay and a bad movie.

Seven Psychopaths might manage to overcome this by only writing for one or two actors’ personalities (Walken and Harrelson). The film also manages to be unique without pointing to itself and screaming, “I’m eccentric!”

Seven Psychopaths seems to be a refreshing break from the trite and cliche comedies that normally pervade the big screen.